Seller's Guide


Standard Requirements 

Hire a Broker
Now is the time to find a broker. You will be able to discuss you needs, and expectations

Choose an Attorney
You want to find someone qualified, who specializes in NYC real estate transactions - long before its time to draw up contracts.

Get The Apartment Ready
Plan on spending a week or two to declutter, rearrange furniture and cleaning. In some cases minor renovations may be necessary, such as painting, recalking or tub reglazing. Staging may also be necessary for an empty space.

Show The Apartment
Ideally both you and your broker would like to show on the first day, but unfortunately this is not the norm. Photo's must be taken to highlight your property, it also must be placed online to give it maximum exposure. It should be posted mid-week and the first opne house should be held that weekend. If more work is needed, it may take a little longer before the first open house can be scheduled.

Be Prepared to Change Strategy if needed.
If an offer is not received within the first month, be prepared for a price drop and/or a change in decor, etc. Your agent/broker will discuss your options with you.