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An acronym of the phrase “Triangle below Canal Street,” Tribeca was originally an industrial center with ample retail and loft space. However, as the area’s industrial base disappeared, artists moved into Tribeca, prompting its large-scale conversion into a residential neighborhood. Today, fashionable pedestrians walk Tribeca’s streets, known for its celebrity residents, surrounded by upscale retailers and art galleries. Joggers run between former industrial neo-Renaissance buildings and sculpted, modern developments to reach the extensive Hudson River Greenway.

Tribeca is favored for its large lofts, architecture and emphasis on the arts yet relative seclusion compared to its neighbor, SoHo. Even though real estate in Tribeca fetches a high price, the neighborhood’s hip yet refined nature proves to be worth the cost to the families that call it home. Forbes magazine recently ranked the 10013 zip code in Tribeca as the 12th most expensive zip code in the United States.