Sutton Place

Neighborhood Image

Located along the bank of the East River, Sutton Place is one of the most sought-after residential addresses not only in NYC, but in the world. There are many "New Yorks" depending on your perspective, and Sutton Place’s New York is that of seclusion, gentility and wealth-encrusted permanency. Rarely do people move from this chintz-and-mahogany enclave that stretches north of the U.N., from 53rd-59th Streets along Sutton Place, an extension of York Avenue.

Geography lends itself to this community’s seclusion, along with the orientation of its highly elegant mansions and townhouses. Bound to the east by the F.D.R. and the East River and the 59th Street Bridge, to the north, the neighborhood is also enclosed by two public parks, one at 57th St and the other at 53rd St. The buildings on the east side of Sutton Place are strung together by private, communal gardens that back onto the river. Often the best of the architecture is not visible from the street, but faces the river.